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Seeing the bigger picture? No problem for me!

I am a real goal-getter, I'm always striving to achieve my goals

I am just passionately curious: I always try to look at things from a different perspective

I'm a real team player: always working together with others - even when apart.

What gives you the most enjoyment in life?

Making a career

Leisure time

My social life

Spending time with my family

Do you show regard and appreciation for everyone?

For my superior? Of course.

I treat others as I wish to be treated.

Everyone deserves my respect.

Respect the opinions of others even if you disagree with them.

If you have something to say: contribute. Right, Name?

Yes, my opinion matters and is valuable.

I often voice an opinion and think: "Did I just say that out loud...?"

I usually agree totally with what my co-workers say

I am all about sharing thoughts as this produces the best ideas.

If you have something to say: contribute. Right, Name?

What about your concept of time?

Time is money!

A flat tire and the bridge was open... Sorry I'm late...

Showing up late -anywhere- shows of little respect.

Take it easy.

If something goes wrong, what would you say, [name]?

How can I make myself disappear...?

It wasn't me. Period.

No matter, I'll try again and fix things.

Must have been the wrong circumstances since it cannot be my fault.

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For Dutch employers it is almost just as important to know who you are as it is to know what you're capable of. Who is the man or woman behind those impressive achievements? So make sure you emphasise your personal skills and attributes, like motivation, responsibility and competencies, alongside your academic achievements in your CV and cover letter.

We don't mean to brag, but life is pretty sweet in the Netherlands. Finding the perfect balance between family, social life and making a career is considered very important here, which is evident in the number of holidays and the social security agreements. Working late is mostly frowned upon, whether that is a good thing or not we will leave up to you to decide.

Business hierarchy in the Netherlands might not be as apparent as it is in your country. Of course managers and high-level staff are respected, but employees at lower levels are equally acknowledged in their value for the organisation. This, combined with a certain pride all the Dutch posses, leads to a fair amount of equality between junior and senior levels.

Some might say that the Dutch communicate in a very straight and direct manner. They are right; the Dutch like clarity, and if they have something to say, they will usually say it. In business and in private. The Dutch also enjoy offering their opinion, regardless of their level. So don't be surprised when a junior employee gives his opinion in a meeting.

In the Netherlands, time is money. The Dutch often show up a little early, and arriving late without warning is a no-no. So make a call when you are running late. Punctuality and respecting schedules is expected to some degree. Planning is done in the long term, so schedules (both social and work) are often set weeks or even months in advance.

No shaming, no blaming. Blaming is not considered to be constructive in the Netherlands. Personal responsibility is often avoided or rejected, with the blame rather placed on the situation or maybe on a problem with the current setup. If something goes wrong, learn from the mistakes and try to find out how things could be done better next time.